Alternate Contacts for 211

Alternate Contacts for 211

Bringing 211 to new regions across Canada in under 4 months has been a monumental task. And there is much still to do.

We are working through several technical issues that can impact someone’s ability to reach us. Specifically, each regional telephone operator has to make changes to allow their customers to dial 211 and be properly redirected.

Can’t Connect when you dial 211?

If you or a client/colleague cannot reach 211 please let us know. We would need the telephone number of the person making the call and the telephone company they use. Review our FAQ on this.

Alternate Contacts

There are email addresses for people to connect with 211 if they cannot call.

Newfoundland & Labrador:
New Brunswick:

Also should callers not be able to call 211 for whatever reason, we have toll free lines for each service.

New Brunswick: 1- 855-258-4126
Manitoba: 1-855-275-1197
NFL-Lab: 1- 855-276-9072

The TTY/Text-based contact number is:  1-855-405-7446

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