Caller Story – Feb. 28, 2021

Caller Story – Feb. 28, 2021

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. 


Senior Needing Home Support

When people talk to 211 Service Navigators, they may start revealing new needs as the conversation continues. That is why a live answer service like 211 is so important.

A 211 Service Navigator received a call from a senior male in Winnipeg who wanted to report a fraudulent email. After probing, the Service Navigator discovered that the man needed assistance cleaning his home and help doing some odd jobs around the house. He has a disability and was struggling with these tasks.

After letting the caller know how to report the fraudulent email, the Service Navigator empathized with the caller and his situation. He probed and clarified in order to find out what the caller was really struggling with. His lack of mobility was hindering him from completing cleaning and routine maintenance. The Service Navigator found multiple programs that could help with home cleaning and odd jobs in the city. The caller was unaware of these programs and was glad that there were services for this.

New Brunswick

Connecting to Mental Health Crisis Services

Time is of the essence in a crisis. 211 Service Navigators know how to intervene and find the right help.

A man called 211 on behalf of his wife who was very depressed and had just attempted to take a handful of pills in a suicide attempt. The caller had stopped his wife from doing so and was calling for assistance to help her. The caller’s spouse was safely in the room with him when he was making the call.

The 211 Service Navigator advised the caller to hang up the phone with her and phone emergency services at once if his wife tried to hurt herself again. With the caller’s permission, the Service Navigator proceeded to provide him with the mobile crisis unit phone number for his area, and made a warm transfer to the crisis unit explaining the situation and all of the pertinent details to the staff member, so that the husband did not have to repeat the information again.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Emergency Food Delivery

When people are in crisis or ill, they need extra support to be able to stay in their homes. 211 Service Navigators can advocate for people and connect them directly with the services they need.

The caller was referred by 811 and was looking to connect with a food bank. The caller had recently come back from the hospital and it was important for their recovery that they were able to maintain their strength. This was an emergency situation, as the caller also had two young children.

With the client’s permission, the 211 Service Navigator called several food banks on behalf of the caller. She then conferenced the caller with an organization that would make an emergency food delivery to their home with their specific medical requirements noted and addressed. At the end of the call, the client said: “I had no idea where I could turn or what to do. Thank you!”

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