Caller Story – April 06, 2024

Caller Story – April 06, 2024

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


It is so hard to watch a family member suffer from an addiction, but there is help available. 211 Service Navigators can look up mental health and addiction services 24 hours and can give inquirers information on many different options.

A 211 Service Navigator received a chat from someone inquiring for supports on behalf of her family member. She said that he was using drugs and at risk of being told to leave his friend’s house where he was currently staying. She was worried about him living on the street and was not sure what type of supports were available to him.

The Service Navigator identified the caller’s primary need, which was housing options for her family member. He inquired about the family member’s age, because there are specific programs for younger adults that he could possibly access, and it turned out that he was within the age range to qualify for these programs. The Service Navigator provided the caller with an emergency shelter for anyone under 29 years old, as an option just in case he was told to leave without notice.

After that, the caller and the Service Navigator discussed options for longer term housing for young adult men, and the caller was very pleased to hear there was a resource for this age group of which she was unaware. The Service Navigator provided other resources for addictions help/information, as well as a resource centre for young adults that provided housing help and other supports.

The caller was very thankful for the information and time spent on the chat. She said that she was already online applying for one of the programs that the Service Navigator provided, and she would contact 211 again if she needed any further resources.

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