Caller Story – August 08, 2022

Caller Story – August 08, 2022

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


A situation does not have to be life or death to be important to a caller. It’s so important that people feel that there is somewhere to call when they do not have someone to talk to about a situation that is bothering them.

A senior called 211 looking for assistance. She was upset and did not know where to turn for information.

She had recently attended a public event at a venue in the City of Winnipeg. She had a very negative experience with a volunteer at the event. She wanted to speak to someone about the experience to ensure that it did not happen again, but she was not sure how.

The Service Navigator asked a number of questions about the situation. He suggested calling the venue. They should have a record of who worked or volunteered at the event or at the very least, they would know who had organized it. The senior liked the idea, but did not have the contact information for the venue. The Service Navigator was able to find that online for her, and provided her with the phone number.

The senior called 211 back later to state her appreciation. She said that 211 was a wonderful service and that she wished she could send a bouquet to all of the workers.

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