Caller Story – June 20, 2022

Caller Story – June 20, 2022

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from New Brunswick.

New Brunswick:

Sometimes it takes more than one call to completely solve a problem. That is why 211 Service Navigators suggest follow-up calls when there are urgent needs to address.

During an initial call, a caller revealed that they were looking for food and/or food vouchers. They lived in rural Newfoundland, and their nearest food bank was two and a half hours away. Contact information for a food helpline that could give vouchers was provided and follow up was offered. The Service Navigator wanted to make sure that the caller got the food that they needed.

A Service Navigator made a follow up call and connected with the caller. The caller had contacted the helpline and had left a message. When the call was returned, they were told that there is a waiting list for grocery store vouchers, and they were put on the list.

While it was good that the caller would eventually obtain a voucher for a grocery store, they would need food soon. During the follow up call, the Service Navigator brainstormed with the caller to see how they could access a food bank as soon as possible.

The caller told the Service Navigator making the follow-up call that they had an appointment in a larger town at the end of the week, and asked if they could access a food bank there. The Service Navigator provided the contact information for a food bank in that town that would be open when the caller was there. She encouraged the caller to contact 211 again if they had any difficulties accessing food. The caller told the Service Navigator: “Thanks for checking back with me; I appreciate all your help.”

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