Caller Story – June 21, 2021

Caller Story – June 21, 2021

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from Manitoba and New Brunswick.


So much changes after the death of a spouse. 211 Service Navigators help people find the support services they are seeking after a loss.

A woman called 211 looking for support services and some guidance. A teenager whom she had never met before, came on her property and asked for help. The caller stated that the teenager told her that she had been in a fight with her boyfriend. They were living together and the relationship was abusive. The teen had no family or friends to help. The caller was looking for resources that would be able to help, as the teen did not want the police to be called.

The 211 Service Navigator made sure that the teenager was physically safe at time of the call and that she did not need medical attention. He also determined the teenager’s age to make sure the duty to report child abuse did not apply. He probed further as to what kind of services the teenager would accept, and he and the caller brainstormed how to help.

Together, they decided that a domestic violence shelter would be a good starting place, as the teenager was in an abusive situation, and needed a safe place to stay. From there, the teen could access other necessary services such as counselling. Nearby shelter contact information was given to the caller, and the Service Navigator asked if the caller felt comfortable reaching out to the shelters with the teenagers. She said that she did. The 211 Service Navigator encouraged the caller to contact 211 again if there were any further concerns, and to let the teen know that she could also call 211 any time.

New Brunswick:

A few home modifications can mean that seniors or those with disabilities can safely stay in their homes. 211 Service Navigators can refer callers to financial assistance for home modifications, and to any other support services that they might need.

A woman called 211. She had seen an advertisement for 211 and was hoping that 211 could help her find services. She did not know where to turn.

She was losing some of her physical mobility, and was having great difficulties entering her house. She did not want to have to leave her home. She needed an outside ramp, so that she could get in and out of her home more easily. She was afraid that she did not have enough money to afford this modification.

The 211 Service Navigator reassured the caller that she would look for help for her, and asked if she could find out more about the caller’s situation. The Service Navigator probed regarding the caller’s income and other eligibility criteria.

The Service Navigator found a program that could financially assist the caller with paying for the home modification. She made sure the caller understood exactly how to apply. The caller was happy to hear about this program. The caller did not have other needs at the moment, and said that she would contact the financial assistance program right away. The Service Navigator urged the caller to contact 211 again if needed more help.

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