Caller Story – June 27, 2022

Caller Story – June 27, 2022

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


Sometimes people call 211 without a clear idea of what they are seeking; they just know they need help. 211 Service Navigators are there to help them clarify their needs and find services to assist them. They are there to answer questions that callers didn’t even know they had.


A 211 Service Navigator took a call from a woman in rural Manitoba who said that she had questions about health care in Manitoba. The Service Navigator let her know that he was happy to help, but he would need to know more about her situation and needs. He found out that the caller was a senior who did not have a primary health care provider, and that she needed glasses. He also discovered that she needed to get in touch with the Canada Pension Plan, but did not know how to contact them.


The Service Navigator spent some time with the caller explaining different aspects of the Manitoba health care system and how it works. He let her know how she could find a health care provider. He informed her about the Seniors Eyeglass Program, which gives financial assistance to purchase eyeglasses for eligible seniors, and let her know exactly how to apply. Finally, he made sure that he gave her the contact information for the Canada Pension Plan, so that she would have that information on hand. The caller said that she was thankful for all of the information provided, and the Service Navigator let her know that she could call 211 again if she needed more assistance or referrals.

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