Caller Story – March 02, 2024

Caller Story – March 02, 2024

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick:

Losing a job is a very stressful experience. People may need many different kinds of support: income assistance, help with job searches, basic needs and even counselling.

211 Service Navigators approach these calls holistically, and will offer more than one type of support if necessary.

A female caller contacted 211 and she told the Service Navigator that she had just lost her job. and did not know where to turn. She was nervous because she did not qualify for Employment Insurance (EI), and she did not know what she would do for income. She also was sad and anxious about losing her job.

The 211 Service Navigator displayed empathy – losing a job can make people feel worried and very upset. She let the caller know that Social Development can provide financial assistance to individuals who qualify. The caller was relieved as she had not known that financial benefit was available.

The Service Navigator also suggested that the caller reach out to talk about her emotions about losing her job. She gave the caller the contact information to the CHIMO Helpline for peer support as needed. The caller took down all of the information and thanked the Service Navigator for her help.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

211 Service Navigators will look at many different types of programs and agencies in order to offer the most options to their callers.

They look at many distinct eligibility criteria during their assessments, and will come up with a range of different referrals whenever possible.

A man called 211. He told the Service Navigator that he was experiencing homelessness. A worker at a shelter had given him the 211 phone number.

He did not know what 211 did. The Service Navigator let him know the kind of services about which 211 gives information and referrals.

The caller asked if the Service Navigator had any programs that gave out free tablets.

The Service Navigator looked for programs that would do this, but unfortunately, she found none for which he was eligible.

She asked if he had other needs. He said that he could really use some clothing.

She probed about his circumstances and found out that he was a veteran, and also that he was receiving Income Assistance.

She found a voucher program for clothing for veterans, and gave him information on how to access it.

In general, Veterans Affairs could be helpful for him. In case he needed additional clothing, she identified the Salvation Army as a possible resource and gave him information on that.

He also let her know that he needed a family doctor; he did not have one at the moment.

The Service Navigator told him how to contact PatientConnect NL to get on the list to receive a primary health care provider.

He asked her for resources for special diets.

Since he was receiving funds from Income Assistance, the Service Navigator encouraged him to reach out to them and ask about their Special Diet Allowance.

The caller thanked the Service Navigator for her help, and she let him know that he could call 211 again anytime that he needed information on community services.

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