Caller Story – March 09, 2024

Caller Story – March 09, 2024

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


Even when problems seem to be overwhelming, speaking to someone else can open up possibilities and solutions that were not apparent before.

211 Service Navigators are always there to help others, even when problems seem insurmountable.

A male in his late teens called 211 looking for support with their alcohol abuse and recent drug use. The inquirer stated they had started drinking recently due to family issues and were experimenting with various substances.

The inquirer said they were aware of the negative effect this has already had on their life and did not want to ruin the rest of their life by making poor choices now. The inquirer had seen a poster for 211 at a homeless shelter last week and hoped 211 could help.

The 211 Service Navigator actively listened to the caller and applauded them for realizing that they needed help. She discussed their needs with them, and they felt that the primary need was help with withdrawal and stabilization. She also gave referrals to peer support, so that the caller would have a network for encouragement and emotional support.

Since the caller was in a vulnerable position living in a shelter while working on substance use issues, the Service Navigator offered a follow up call. She wanted to make sure that the referrals worked out for the caller and that any new needs that came up could be addressed. The caller accepted the offer.

The Service Navigator also made sure that the caller knew that 211 was available to them 24 hours if they needed more help. “I am so grateful you don’t even know,” the caller said as they ended the call.

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