Caller Story – May 13, 2023

Caller Story – May 13, 2023

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and included where they are receiving services. 211 Service Navigators will work with callers to find options that are open and welcoming to them.

A mother called 211 looking for supports for her child who was trans. She was worried that her child was developing an eating disorder and wanted to find any resources possible to support them. She was specifically looking for LGBT friendly locations and options, so that her child would feel welcomed and included.

The caller and the Service Navigator discussed the situation in more depth. The mother provided a great deal of information, in terms of their location, situation and her child’s needs. The caller also let the Service Navigator know about the many places that she had already contacted in her search for help.

Once the Service Navigator thoroughly understood the situation and what had already been tried, he offered resources – three different places that are known to help LGBT individuals and that also offer therapy/counselling for eating disorders.

The call ended on a positive note. The mother was thankful for the discussion and options and said she would call 211 in the future if she had any other questions or was looking for any other resources.

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