Caller Story – October 21, 2023

Caller Story – October 21, 2023

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from New Brunswick.

New Brunswick:

Did you know that 211 can also help the helpers? Service Navigators are happy to give ideas and resources for people working or volunteering with services in the community.

A caller contacted 211 because they were organizing a presentation for seniors in their town in New Brunswick and wanted to know more about 211’s services.

The Service Navigator explained to them that 211 is an information and referral service to help people find appropriate programs. This could include financial assistance, health care, assistive devices, recreation, and many other types of services. She also ensured that the caller knew that 211 is available 24 hours.

The Service Navigator suggested that the Aging in New Brunswick: A User’s Guide could be a valuable resource. With the caller’s permission, she ordered copies of the Aging in New Brunswick: A User’s Guide for the caller and added a request to have the program contact the caller directly to determine if more guides could be sent to them and their group members.

The Service Navigator also sent in a request to have 211 marketing materials sent to the organizer. The caller said that they were happy with the call and that they would mention 211 during their presentation. The Service Navigator reflected that they were grateful that the caller had contacted 211, as they would now be in a better position to explain and promote the 211 service to seniors in their community.

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