Caller Story – April 13, 2024

Caller Story – April 13, 2024

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick:

There are many great initiatives and programs for those in need. In many cases, however, people do not apply to programs that can help them because of a lack of knowledge of what is available and confusion about how to apply. 211 Service Navigators can give callers information about programs in their regions and exactly how to access them.

A French-speaking older adult called 211. The caller had heard about a new program that they thought might be helpful for them called the Direct to Tenant Program. The New Brunswick Direct to Tenant program is a fairly new initiative in the province. The caller knew the name of the program, but did not know any of the details or how to apply.

The 211 Service Navigator took the time to explain the details of the program, the eligibility, and the application process to the caller. The caller had a lot of questions and did not know anyone who could assist them with the application process. Thanks to assistance from 211, the caller received all of the necessary information to ensure a smooth application process.

After the call was finished, the Service Navigator reflected that many older adults are unable to navigate application processes on their own, therefore having 211 available to answer any questions they may have is necessary to ensure fair access to services and benefits.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Housing is a fundamental need, and it is so destabilizing to cope with the threat of eviction. 211 Service Navigators recognise the importance of maintaining housing and can refer people to services and benefits that can help them retain their homes.

A 211 caller and their mother, who was an older adult, contacted 211 because they might have no place to stay as of the end of the month. They were looking at being evicted. The caller had Canada Housing Benefit funding, but because of that the Income Support they were receiving has been reduced.

The Service Navigator empathized with them – it was scary and frustrating to be in the position of possibly being evicted because of a change in benefits. The Service Navigator had a thorough discussion regarding their financial situation and came up with certain suggestions and agencies to contact regarding their incomes. The Service Navigator was concerned about the situation and set up a follow up call time with the caller.

The Service Navigator made a follow up call and connected with the caller. They were able to get connected through the referrals, and the agencies are now helping to provide support.

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