Caller Story – August 02, 2021

Caller Story – August 02, 2021

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


A woman called 2-1-1 seeking help for a family member who was recovering at the hospital for a few weeks after getting COVID-19. Thankfully, their relative’s health was improving, but the caller shared that their financial situation wasn’t looking too good. The caller had no idea how their relative would pay their rent, and she wasn’t sure if they even had enough money for food once they left the hospital.

The Service Navigator validated the caller’s concerns and asked a few probing questions about their relative’s financial circumstances to better assess the situation and provide the most suitable referrals. The caller described the answers to the best of her ability. She did not know everything about her relative’s finances and the relative was unavailable at the moment to speak with the Navigator. She believed the relative had a job, but knew that she didn’t have enough money to cover basic necessities for the month.

The Service Navigator walked the caller through different scenarios that could help the relative’s situation. The Navigator provided her with detailed directions that she could relay to the relative about how to immediately apply for financial assistance as well as the contact information for local food outlets that could help them with securing groceries and food. The Navigator encouraged the caller to contact 2-1-1 again if her relative needed further assistance.

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