Caller Story – February 17, 2024

Caller Story – February 17, 2024

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick:

211 Service Navigators are accustomed to unpredictable calls. They never know what the next call will bring. They will always listen and attempt to assist callers even when they are facing situations not involving typical social service requests.

A 211 Service Navigator received a call from rural New Brunswick. A male caller had pulled over to the side of the road and called 211 because he was not sure how to get the right assistance. He had spotted a deer that had been struck by a car. It had limped over to the field next to the road. It was obviously injured, and he wanted to help, but he did not know what to do.

The 211 Service Navigator assured him that she would look for assistance. The caller was understandably upset, so she used a calm and reassuring tone. She found out which road the caller was on and his approximate location. She then let him know that he could contact the nearest office of Natural Resources.

Since the caller did not have a pen or paper at hand, she offered to make a warm transfer to the office. He gratefully accepted and she put him through, so that the animal could receive assistance.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Home matters so much. These days, though, finding a new home is far from easy. 211 Service Navigators are there, 24 hours a day, to assist people who are looking for assistance with locating a new place to live.

An adult daughter called 211 saying that her mother, who was an older adult, was needing a new place to live. However, she and her mother did not know where to start to find an affordable place. Her mother had a fixed income and rents can be quite high. She wondered if the Service Navigator could suggest anything.

The 211 Service Navigator showed empathy – searching for housing is stressful. She said that she would look for appropriate housing programs for the caller’s mother, but that she would have to ask a few questions about the mother’s situation first in order to find appropriate programs.This was fine with the caller. The Service Navigator learned that the caller’s mother was very independent and did not appear to need a nursing home or even supportive housing. She asked the mother’s approximate income and how much she could afford for rent.

Two appropriate housing providers were found in the mother’s desired price range in the town where she wanted to live. The Service Navigator explained exactly how the mother could apply and what documentation would be needed. The caller thanked her for the information, and the Service Navigator encouraged the caller and her mother to call 211 again anytime they needed more information or referrals to government and community services.

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