Caller Story – July 15, 2023

Caller Story – July 15, 2023

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick:

When newcomers are settling in their new communities, having easy access to the information and services they need helps them feel more oriented and comfortable. 211 is there to assist newcomers 24 hours a day as a trusted source of information and referrals.

A 211 Service Navigator took a call from a woman who sounded somewhat confused. The caller explained that she was a newcomer to Canada. She said that she had applied for a program in early June and had not heard back from them.

The Service Navigator gently probed as to which program the caller had applied. The Service Navigator determined the application had been to Canada Child Tax Benefit. She let the caller know more about the program, then gave the caller all of the contact information for the program.

Since the caller had been somewhat confused at the beginning of the call, the Service Navigator let her know how to navigate the phone system to speak to an agent. She offered to transfer the caller to the part of the phone system that would allow her to speak to someone. The caller was very appreciative of this and gave her permission. Before the Service Navigator transferred her, she made sure that the caller could call 211 again anytime, 24 hours a day, about community and government services as she settled into her new home.

After the call, the Service Navigator reflected that it was so important to probe for the exact organization that the caller needed, so that she obtained the service she was looking for without going around in circles. As well, callers often appreciate the option of being transferred when they are confused or have called several places already, as long as they also have the contact information of the place they are trying to reach.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Nothing makes a Service Navigator happier than when a caller is accomplishing their goals whether their goals are to find housing, obtain employment, engage in counseling or going back to school. Service Navigators are there for callers no matter where they are in the process of accomplishing their goals.

A senior called 211 and told the Service Navigator that he has been on the streets and in shelters for the last few months. He found a place to live through Stella’s Circle, which made him so excited and happy.

At the time of his call to 211, he was looking for food, hygiene products, and other necessities. He was excited to set up his new apartment, and the Service Navigator was happy for him. She gave the caller several referrals for food and the necessities to set up his new home. She wanted to make sure he obtained everything he needed, so she asked him if he would like a follow-up call. He agreed, and they scheduled a time.

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