Caller Story – July 22, 2023

Caller Story – July 22, 2023

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


211 Service Navigators are always pleased to receive calls from people looking to make donations. These calls can be more complicated than they might appear at first glance. Service Navigators will ask several questions to make sure that the donations are going to the correct place. For instance, there can be quite a difference between organizations that would take business attire, and those that will accept infant onesies. Regardless of what items an inquirer is looking to donate, Service Navigators will work to ensure that they find the right place.

An older adult called 211 seeking resources. She told the Service Navigator that she had a lot of furniture and clothing that she wanted to donate to people in need. She specified that much of the clothing was business suits, and that she was hoping that the clothes would be able to go to an organization that helped people find work. Likewise, she wanted the furniture to be donated to people who needed furniture and she did not want the furniture to be sold.

After asking some probing questions, the Service Navigator was able to refer the individual to a few different organizations that would be able to use the business clothing that she was hoping to donate. He also found some organizations that could use the type of furniture that she wanted to give away. The caller took down all of the suggestions that the Service Navigator made. He thanked her for her call, and invited her to call 211 again in the future if she had questions about community services.

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