Caller Story – June 07, 2021

Caller Story – June 07, 2021

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from Manitoba and New Brunswick.


Housing issues can be very stressful. 211 provides not only practical resources, but also a listening ear and validation for callers who need that support.

A 211 Service Navigator took a call from a woman who was having a dispute with a landlord. She was having some maintenance issues with her apartment and her landlord refused to help with the problems.

The Service Navigator informed the caller about the regulatory bodies in Winnipeg that can help with landlord/tenant disputes, as well as informing her of her rights as a tenant. He provided a housing advocacy resource to her as well, as she was also thinking of moving.

As the call went on, it became clear that while she did need some resources, the caller mainly needed a listening ear, and someone to empathize with her situation and validate that what she was experiencing was hard, because she was not getting any support from her landlord. At the end of the call, the tenant thanked the Service Navigator, letting him know that she thought 211 was a great service.

New Brunswick:

Whether it is finding services for the first time or locating resources after a move, 211 Service Navigators are always there to help people find the community services they need.

A woman called 211, letting the Service Navigator know that she needed assistance in finding a counsellor and a phone number to a crisis helpline in New Brunswick. When the Service Navigator probed for more details of her situation, it turned out that the caller had recently moved to Saint John and did not know where to find community resources. She had benefitted from both counselling and helplines in the past, but did not know how to access them in her new community.

The Service Navigator carefully listened to the caller and probed into her situation to ensure that she clearly understood what the caller needed, and that she was safe at the time of her call. She let the caller know how to find counselling services in Saint John and gave her some referrals. She also located a 24 hour mental health crisis helpline and confirmed that the caller had the contact information.

The Service Navigator encouraged the caller to contact 211 anytime she had more questions about services in her new community. The caller told the Service Navigator several times that her help was appreciated.

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