Caller Story – March 11, 2023

Caller Story – March 11, 2023

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick:

One of the most useful aspects of 211 is that people can find out about a multitude of different kinds of services during one call. Service Navigators will also probe for needs that the caller may not initially mention to make sure they are getting all of the assistance that they require.

A 211 Service Navigator took a call from a female senior from Fredericton. She told the Service Navigator that she needed to renew her Medicare card. She also wanted to know how to reach the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) office. As the Service Navigator assessed the caller’s needs, it also became clear that she wanted some information about getting free diabetic supplies.

By clarifying what the caller she was seeking, the Service Navigator was able to find resources for her needs. She gave the caller the direct phone number for Service New Brunswick in order to speak to an agent to renew her Medicare card. The Service Navigator also gave her the contact number for CPP. In case she needed more information about possible benefits she could have access to, the Service Navigator referred her to the Outreach Service Canada, Atlantic Office.

With the caller’s permission, the Service Navigator was able to make a warm transfer to the Department of Social Development to inquire about funding for the diabetic supplies. Before the call ended, the caller let the Service Navigator know that she was very thankful for being given these resources.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

It is so hard feeling isolated and alone. Service Navigators are available 24 hours to help people find connections in their community.

A senior called 211 saying that they were lonely and depressed and looking to connect with other seniors. The caller said that they felt isolated and alone and wanted to reach out and talk to other seniors in their area. They told the Service Navigator: “I’m all by myself here and I just want to talk to someone.”

The Service Navigator empathized with the caller – it is so hard to feel alone and isolated. The caller’s idea of connecting with other seniors was a very good one and could reduce their feelings of isolation and loneliness. The Service Navigator discussed the services of SeniorsNL and let the caller know how to reach them. She also went through the activities of the caller’s local seniors’ centre, and the caller noted down possible programs and events of interest. The caller stated that they would reconnect with 211 if they needed more assistance in the future.

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