Caller Story – May 03, 2021

Caller Story – May 03, 2021

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick:

People often know what they need, but do not know how to navigate the human services system to get their needs met. That is where 211 comes in. Service Navigators do not merely give phone numbers or websites. They discuss eligibility, how to apply and what people can expect from different services.

A woman called 211. She let the Service Navigator know that she currently had no income. She requested financial assistance. She also stated that she needed assistance in finding employment.

The 211 Service Navigator listened attentively to the caller and empathized with her difficult position. It is an especially difficult time to be without income or employment, and she reassured the caller that there was assistance available.

The Service Navigator asked probing questions to determine what the caller needed and for which programs she would be eligible. The 211 Service Navigator described in detail how to apply for income assistance. She also let the caller know what services were funded by the government of New Brunswick to help her find employment, and let her know to access them. The caller said that she appreciated the help of the Service Navigator and said that she would contact the services that she had suggested.

Newfoundland and Labrador.:

Often people are ashamed of addictions, which makes it even harder to get the help they need. When people call 211, Service Navigators listen without judging callers, and will assist them to find services to combat addictions.

A caller lost his job after several years of work due to an addiction. While he was working with his union to get his job back, he was provided with the 211 number to seek help. The caller wanted to connect with addiction services that would work within his life, allowing for his family commitments to continue.

The Service Navigator listened to the caller and asked several probing questions to ensure that she knew what kind of services would best work for him. She then provided several referrals to different addiction services that suited his needs and allowed him to continue with his family responsibilities. One of the referrals was for specialized service navigation for addiction services.

The caller said that he was glad that he had called 211 and the Service Navigator had picked up the call right away. The Service Navigator encouraged him to reach out to those services, and not to hesitate to contact 211 again if he needed more assistance.

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