Caller Story – May 04, 2024

Caller Story – May 04, 2024

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


211 Service Navigators do not merely look up phone numbers in a database. They spend time thoroughly assessing clients’ situations and what they have already tried. They problem solve with clients and offer practical solutions and options.

A caller to 211 was looking for a company that would wash all her walls. She had received a notice from her landlord saying that if she did not wash the walls in the next two weeks, they would evict her. She smokes inside her home, which is not allowed, but she does this as a result of mobility issues.

She was somewhat frustrated because when she talked to the Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB) advocate, they referred her to HOCS, which is a mental health organization and does not do house cleaning. She did contact the Community Home Service Program, which does do house cleaning and yard work for people who are on EIA Disability – it only serves individuals receiving EIA Disability. However, they have a waiting list of some months. Therefore, she was worried about having to move at the end of May.

The caller had already been very resourceful and had found all of the free or low-cost options. The caller did not have access to the Internet. At her request, the Service Navigator did a Google search for her to find some other professional housing cleaning companies that would wash walls. The Service Navigator let the caller know that 211 did not endorse any commercial services, and that she should ask questions to ensure that she knew exactly what she was paying for. She gave the caller several phone numbers so that she had multiple options to choose from.

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