Caller Story – Nov. 8th, 2020

Caller Story – Nov. 8th, 2020

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from New Brunswick and Manitoba:

211 New Brunswick

Caller Location: Moncton NB

A gentleman called and asked for help to do his income taxes. The Community Resource Navigator researched for resources and gave him the information about CVITP Volunteer tax preparation (free tax clinic).

While providing the caller with this information, the Community Resource Navigator learned from the caller that he was having difficulties coping with COVID-19. He expressed feeling isolated since he cannot go out as often. The Community Resource Navigator proposed that he contact the Friendly Calls program offered by the Canadian Red Cross. He was very happy to hear about this program and said he will call to register. He said he loves to talk and it helps him a lot to be able to socialise even if it’s via telephone. 

211 Manitoba

Caller Location: Winnipeg, MN

A woman called stating that she needed a pharmacy phone number. She could not remember the name of the pharmacy. She was desperate to get the number because she needed to order her medication

The caller informed the Community Navigator that she is blind and could not find the number on her own. The caller knew the name of the street that the pharmacy was located on, therefore the Community Resource Navigator started searching online for pharmacies on that street. Together they figured out that it was Guardian pharmacy

The caller called back after 15 minutes to inform the Community Resource Navigator that it was the correct pharmacy and she was thankful for the help.
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