Caller Story – November 15, 2021

Caller Story – November 15, 2021

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have connections from Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

The beauty of a service such as 211 is that callers who are isolated and are not easily able to leave their homes, can still access 211 and obtain needed services.

A woman called 211 and told the Service Navigator that she was a senior who used a wheelchair and had several health issues. She said that was in need of a food hamper and that she had also recently lost her identification. The caller seemed overwhelmed and close to tears.

The Service Navigator showed empathy for the caller’s difficult situation and gave the caller time to talk about her feelings. She then asked if the caller had credit cards or bank cards in her wallet to confirm that a call did not need to be placed to cancel them. Fortunately, that was not necessary. The Service Navigator then asked the caller’s permission to advocate for her with a senior’s organization to help get her food and other support services. The caller agreed and the Service Navigator took down the caller’s information.

The Service Navigator connected with the seniors organization’s food security program for a hamper, and an outreach worker who can connect with the caller for help with other services, such as identification replacement. The caller and the Service Navigator agreed that a follow up call would be a good idea, and it will be conducted in a few days to confirm that services were provided for the caller. The caller said that she was appreciative of the advocacy provided by 211.

New Brunswick:

There are many legal resources available, but not all of them deal with every kind of law. When people contact 211, Service Navigators can direct them to the right kind of legal help.

A 211 Service Navigator took a call from a female from Fredericton who expressed that she was having difficulties with her family regarding an inheritance. She was looking for legal information and advice. She also shared that she was having trouble with her landlord. She wanted to get in touch with a government agency that could help with that.

The Service Navigator listened carefully to what the caller had to say. She clarified the client’s needs with her and probed for more information.
Once she thoroughly understood the situation, she offered referrals for legal assistance with both the inheritance and the housing issue. Finally, she gave the caller information on the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. The caller took down the information and said she would call these agencies right away.

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