Caller Story – October 29, 2022

Caller Story – October 29, 2022

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from Manitoba.


211 is flexible. People who need help can use the 211 website to make their own searches or they can call 211 24 hours if they need more emotional support and assistance with problem solving. For those people who are more comfortable online, but who still want more of a human connection than doing their own search, they can also chat with a 211 Service Navigator. There are many ways to access 211 and clients can choose whichever way that works best for them.

A 211 Service Navigator received a chat request from someone concerned about their child. They said that their child was struggling with some mental health issues, and they were not sure where to turn. It also turned out that the family lacked a consistent health care provider.

First, the Service Navigator provided emotional support to the parent, and clarified what type of support they were looking for. There were multiple issues, one of which was accessing a consistent health provider. The Service Navigator let the parent know how to find a family doctor taking new patients in Manitoba.

At the parent’s request, the Service Navigator found some resources that would provide mental health assessment, as well as additional counselling support to the child. The parent also wanted counselling where they could attend the session with the child, so the Service Navigator found a resource to suit that need as well. They brainstormed together and found many resources to provide support to the child and to the parent.

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