Caller Story – September 06, 2021

Caller Story – September 06, 2021

Each week we will post a summary of interesting and representative 211 calls. This week, we have a connection from New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

New Brunswick:

Few circumstances are more frightening than running low on food. Fortunately, people can easily call 211 and Service Navigators can find them programs that can help.

A woman called 211 from Dieppe and she did not know where to turn. She badly needed food, but did not know where she could access food free of charge.

The 211 Service Navigator expressed empathy for the caller’s difficult situation. She gathered information from the caller, and found a food bank that served her area. She gave her detailed information about the best way to contact the food bank, what to expect from the food bank and what kind of identification she should bring.

The Service Navigator also found a meal program that was accessible to the caller. Again, she let the caller know what to expect from the program, and exactly where and when to come to the meals. The caller was relieved knowing that she would not run out of food. The Service Navigator probed to see if the caller had other needs, such as income support. The caller said she did not need anything else at that time, so the Service Navigator encouraged her to call 211 again if needed more assistance in finding community services.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Being evicted is frightening. When people do not have anywhere to stay, 211 Service Navigators can help them find a safe place.

A senior called 211. They had been transferred from 911. The caller was being evicted that day due to non-payment of rent. They had refused to pay rent because of a pest control problem, but the situation had spiraled out of control and eviction could no longer be prevented.

The 211 Service Navigator assessed the situation. After she understood the circumstances, she provided advocacy and connections with the caller’s permission.

The Service Navigator first contacted Connections for Seniors because the caller was connected to a worker there, but the shelter was full. The Service Navigator then phoned the emergency shelter line and was directed to have the caller talk with them directly for an emergency shelter placement. The caller was advised of this and connected to the worker to discuss placement.

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